May 25, 2010


My girlfriend and I do a little sewing night every once in awhile. We started it as a craft night, but then she asked if I could teach her how to sew. I am the world's worst teacher, but she got it down quite quickly. We first made aprons (photos to come someday), but she was telling me about a pattern she had for these little wallet purses. So we have been going crazy making them. These are some photos of the ones I've made so far.

I use mine to hold all my giftcards (which is sad that I have to have a separate wallet to hold all of my WAY too many gift cards). I have also been wanting something to organize and hold my coupons, so I took the pattern and modified it to make it much wider. So now I have matching little wallets.

They are also perfect little wallets to throw your i.d., money and credit card in if you are running out but don't want to take your big purse. Hopefully I get a night out on the town soon so I can use mine. But I did have fun using it on our trip to Legoland last weekend. :)