June 10, 2010


Don't know when or why I thought of doing this. Guess it was when I walked by the green striped and blue striped towels at Target and thought they'd be so cute for my twins if their names were on them. So home I went to sew.

Now it's my new little project. I need to get 2 made for my nieces' birthdays. I finished the one for our neighbor's birthday and had a slight tinge of "Oh, wouldn't it be fun to have a girl?" (something I only think when I am sewing girlie stuff).

I made Owen and Hudson's and then realized I should make one for Emmett. I didn't think he'd like it - since he obsesses about whether he's going to use his Lightning McQueen or Finding Nemo towel when we go to the pool. We'll see if he grabs this one for the pool this weekend.

I almost want to make one for myself. It's making me feel like summer is coming...that's for sure. I can't wait to see my three boys bundled up in their new towels.