August 20, 2010


I don't know how I ever got asked for help with creating logos, but I've done 2 for people and am working on a third. Kind of stressful coming up with a brand representation for someone, but in the end it was actually exciting...mostly to see how excited they were.

My dear, awesome friend Teresa had me do a logo for her new buffet candy bar company that she started up. We couldn't decide between the pink and green, so she choose both and did half her business cards in one color and half in the other. Fun.

My first one was a fun process trying to come up with a logo that showed the recycling aspect of her projects. Although I loved the "G, G, G" made into the recycling sign, she ultimately choose the other (which I think was a better option).

I'll post my new one, which is more of a challenge, since it's for an HR/Risk Management company. Wish me luck.