August 2, 2013


My nearly 8 year old son, Emmett, has really gotten into reading this past year. I am so
proud of him and love that he loves it.  My favorite thing is to hear him laugh, and when
he started reading the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series I got to hear him laugh a lot. This
week we were driving in the car and he had a couple of his "Diary" books with him. He
was saying that it might be a good idea to have a book mark for each of his books since
he had trouble remember he was on page 112 in his one book and another page in his
other book. I'm hoping he is not mortified by it, but I've made him these bookmarks.
Hopefully I'll hear a giggle from him when I give them to him. His 3 year old twin
brothers have already caught a peek and they had quite a chuckle.

June 11, 2013


I just finished making my third quilt this year. I made one for my older son's school auction and replicated it for an end of year gift for his teacher (the other quilt was for my twins' preschool auction). Here is Emmett and his teacher after she opened it.

It was a labor of love. We took photos of all the students making the letters. Then I photoshopped the background out. Then printed on fabric for the first time. Then got to sewing. Time consuming, but happy with how they turned out. We also sold the alphabet in poster form (the principal even wanted one for her office). I've gotten quite a bit of use out of the letters. I made name plaques for the students for end of year gifts. I'm almost thinking I should make the alphabet into a font.

This was the first one we auctioned off
Here's the label I put on the teacher quilt

Here's the framed alphabet
Color poster


And here's what I made for each student in Emmett's class for the last day of school



And thanks to Pinterest, I also made these for Emmett's classmates and for a last day of school pool party. They are Nutter Butter cookies made into flip flops. Let summer begin!