August 20, 2010


I don't know how I ever got asked for help with creating logos, but I've done 2 for people and am working on a third. Kind of stressful coming up with a brand representation for someone, but in the end it was actually exciting...mostly to see how excited they were.

My dear, awesome friend Teresa had me do a logo for her new buffet candy bar company that she started up. We couldn't decide between the pink and green, so she choose both and did half her business cards in one color and half in the other. Fun.

My first one was a fun process trying to come up with a logo that showed the recycling aspect of her projects. Although I loved the "G, G, G" made into the recycling sign, she ultimately choose the other (which I think was a better option).

I'll post my new one, which is more of a challenge, since it's for an HR/Risk Management company. Wish me luck.

June 10, 2010


Don't know when or why I thought of doing this. Guess it was when I walked by the green striped and blue striped towels at Target and thought they'd be so cute for my twins if their names were on them. So home I went to sew.

Now it's my new little project. I need to get 2 made for my nieces' birthdays. I finished the one for our neighbor's birthday and had a slight tinge of "Oh, wouldn't it be fun to have a girl?" (something I only think when I am sewing girlie stuff).

I made Owen and Hudson's and then realized I should make one for Emmett. I didn't think he'd like it - since he obsesses about whether he's going to use his Lightning McQueen or Finding Nemo towel when we go to the pool. We'll see if he grabs this one for the pool this weekend.

I almost want to make one for myself. It's making me feel like summer is coming...that's for sure. I can't wait to see my three boys bundled up in their new towels.

May 25, 2010


My girlfriend and I do a little sewing night every once in awhile. We started it as a craft night, but then she asked if I could teach her how to sew. I am the world's worst teacher, but she got it down quite quickly. We first made aprons (photos to come someday), but she was telling me about a pattern she had for these little wallet purses. So we have been going crazy making them. These are some photos of the ones I've made so far.

I use mine to hold all my giftcards (which is sad that I have to have a separate wallet to hold all of my WAY too many gift cards). I have also been wanting something to organize and hold my coupons, so I took the pattern and modified it to make it much wider. So now I have matching little wallets.

They are also perfect little wallets to throw your i.d., money and credit card in if you are running out but don't want to take your big purse. Hopefully I get a night out on the town soon so I can use mine. But I did have fun using it on our trip to Legoland last weekend. :)

April 9, 2010


Here are some samples of invitations I've done that I wanted to show.

The first is my sister-in-law's wedding bundle...from her save-the-dates to the invite, program, seating tags and cds. It was fun doing things for every aspect of her wedding...especially the duties of being the matron of honor.

These are from my sister-in-law's wedding shower I threw (I'll probably post pictures of the party details at some point).

This is an invitation and announcement I did for a friend who had a destination wedding in Cabo. She took a picture of a beautiful yellow bird of paradise flower from the resort where they got married, so that is what we used on the invitation.

These are a couple of pocket-fold invitations I did for weddings.

This was an invitation I did for aholiday party my husband and I had.

Here is a birthday party invite I did for a repeat Beverly Hills customer.


I am a slave to wearing rubber gloves now that I wash bottles a thousand times a day. So, I started making gloves. These white gloves are so thick and so soft inside (like flannel). When I get some time I will be making many more of these.

April 1, 2010


I was so excited to help my friend come up with her and her friend's logo/business card. This is what the finals looked like. They couldn't decide between the green and pink, so did both. What a great idea.

They are going to be doing candy buffets at weddings and parties. I think it's becoming a big thing to do in California. And I'm excited for them. So if you are in Southern California and ever looking for someone to do your's all the information you need.


I just realized I had written this post a couple of years ago and never posted here it is.

A neighbor of ours has triplets who were turning 2. They had their birthday party at Farrell's, an old fashion ice cream parlor. I made the invitations, which was (especially since there were only about 6 to make). My friend picked out the paper and had the little things to stick on, but I had to come up with a design to use them both, since we couldn't print on the velvety paper.

I had an idea to make these t-shirts for them, but you never know what a mom has planned for her kids to wear on their birthdays. So I was honored that she was excited about them and had them wear them. My sister - who is incredibly talented and much more creative than I am - has been making these adorable shirts (I'll have to ask her permission before posting any pictures of them) for gifts. She appliques felt on the shirts. This is where I got the idea for the ice cream cone shirts (and the baseball shirt, from an earlier posting). I asked and asked and she said she was ok with me copying her. I won't make a huge habit of it and truly hope she takes it as flattery that I've made the ones I've made (I even offered to pay her to make them, but she's a busy, busy woman). Mine aren't quite up to par with hers, but I think they are okay.


I have gotten back into doing Bikram Yoga and I got into a swirl of making some things to make packing up to go more fun. Some of the things I've had for years, but a few things I've recently made.

The bag is a simple big bag that I originally made for my Trader Joe's shopping. Now it's my yoga bag. I just got done making the yoga mat strap (not to perfection I am learning from the loud sound of the velcro ripping in the quiet yoga room). I've had the insulated lunch bag for a long time but may put my waters in them to keep them from getting hot during my 105 degree workouts. And I'm loving my towels (I dry them with extra fabric softeners so I can dig my nose into it to get a break from the smelly yoga room).

I've made another towel out of some Amy Butler fabric I've had for a long time. I love the fabric so much I had been waiting to figure out the perfect thing to make with it. I may make another yoga bag out of it. It's kind of yoga zen looking, don't you think?

Oh, the little wallet type bag on top of the towels is what I put my i.d. and money in when I go to yoga. I sewed that originally to be my cellphone case. I'll soon have a picture of my matching tissue tote, but can't seem to find it now. I'll be posting pics of all of them...but wanted to add it to this picture to show how obsessed I get with one this case the mocca :)

March 31, 2010


Looks good enough to eat, huh?

These are my first attempts at diaper cakes. A fun and simple project...and they make an amazing gift that you know will be used. Some people have told me they make them with stick pins in each diaper or tape each one together. I've also seen them with each diaper rolled up with a rubber band on each one. The way I made mine is not only easy to make, but super easy to disassemble for the gift receiver.

The pink one has 234 size 1 Pampers diapers. I made it for my son's pre-school teacher's baby shower. I put gifts inside the cake too (a Podee bottle, reversible, wipeable bib and little bag fanning out on top). The other cakes have about 175 size 1 Pampers and 10 preemie diapers in the top layer.

The diaper cake below was made to go along with this boy themed gift basket of items I made for a friend's baby shower. I appliqued his name and a football on a blanket I bought. I found matching felt receiving blankets and from those I made the felt ball and monogrammed burpees. And I always do a matching personalized gift card.



These are the gifts I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower. She was having a little boy. Her husband is a college baseball coach, so I thought he'd enjoy these goodies too.

I made a blanket with what they call soft-n-cuddly (I think) and flannel. I appliqued a baseball on the blue side. I made two burpees with the fabrics of the blanket. I also made a little matching bib.

I also couldn't resist making this little appliqued long-sleeve onsie (below).  My sister has made some adorable applique shirts with felt for my boys and I just love the look of it.

After my nephew was born I made his birth announcements. 
Carrying onwith the baseball theme and Nolan's dad's love 
of the Yankees, here's what I made. I took the idea from an 
actual Yankees baseball card. I bet there are a few people 
who hope he gets an official major league card  one day.

March 29, 2010


Happy Easter

These are my 6 month old twin boys. My 4 year old is in the upper little picture.

I am starting this "blog" (in quotes, because I kind of hate that word) kind of for myself. And I'm hoping now that my grandma is getting DSL, that she'll log on and see what I've been making. She is kind of my inspiration for all my craftiness...passed down through my mom.

For now I'll just be posting things that I'm making, want to make and favorite things I want to share. Who knows if it'll ever be more than that.

I don't have the time that I used to to devote to sewing, crafting or much of anything else. I am a mother of three boys - one incredible 4 year old and twin boys who were born in October. So I will do things when I can. I used to stay up into the wee hours of the morning to get my craft fix in, but those days are over for now. Until there are set naptimes, I do it in the little time I can. But I do treasure those moments of creativity (yet treasure my time with my boys more).