February 10, 2015

We Just Click! Snappy Valentine's Box

My son's February project for school was making a Valentine's Day box for their class contest.  We tried to think of something completely unique. We came up with making a camera.  It was a fun project to do together. Here's hoping he wins.

I found instructions for making a little camera box online so made up the boxes to go to each of his classmates. They may not fit in everyone's boxes, but think the cuteness outweighs that fact.

We just winged it on the Valentine box using cardboard boxes of different sizes, spray paint, duct tape and a juice can. We added a long seatbelt type strap to look like a camera strap.  I ordered a blinking bike light to use in the flash. Should have gotten a black one...but guess red is ok for Valentine's Day. We printed out a picture of his class to have in the viewfinder on the back. Also printed out camera buttons and the lens front.

Here is a printout of the Valentine boxes. They fit the Fun Dip perfectly.

For my twins' Valentine's this year I took the oh so ever cute lollipop through the Valentine idea and added the pretzels. Not my best work, but fun and quick.