October 8, 2012


When my mom told me about the cute sock monkeys Kohl's had for their Kohl's Cares stuffed animals,  I was inspired to throw a sock monkey themed party for my twin boys' 3rd birthday party.

Kohl's Sock Monkeys before I modified them

I added a hat tassle & monogrammed letter to the monkeys
My mom and grandma made sock monkeys for all three of my boys and they love them, so I knew it would be a party they would like. 

These are the invitations (the photo was attached to the back)

I made shirts for the boys with sock monkey sock material.

I always like doing a welcome sign

Our dancing monkey
My boys love air dancers...you know, the funny dancing blow-up tube guys that advertise oil changes and the like.  I decided I wanted to get one for their party. Of course I didn't find a sock monkey one, so I decided it was a project I could take on to make.  I was so happy with how it turned out...in looks.  When I hooked it up to our bounce house fan it didn't dance. I made adjustments, enlisted my mom and dad's help, visited an actual air dancer, but never got him to dance.  So, we just blew him up to stand straight (which also needed a little help to get him to just do that). The boys still enjoyed it, but I think I will still try and figure out the physics of it. If anyone has an brilliant ideas, please share.
Their party was at the end of September, so I thought chili would be a good and somewhat easy thing to have for over 40 people. I guess I didn't expect it to be a day of 90 degree weather, but at least it cooled down by afternoon.

We had over a dozen little ones at the party (with only 1 girl, the rest boys).  We had a little craft table where kids could decorate vests for the sock monkeys that they got to take home. We also had the kids play Pin the Tail on the Sock Monkey and break open a pinata.

For dessert we had sock monkey cake pops (chocolate), red cake pops (vanilla), and regular cupcakes. We also had a candy buffet.

Hudson blowing out his candle; both the boys with their cupcakes

Candy buffet with Hot Tamales, Whoppers, Red Vines & Twizzlers (we are a family divided),
banana chips, caramels, Werthers, Tootsie Rolls, peppermints, rootbeer barrels

I had fun making the gift bags and I loved the fact that money went to a good cause when I got the sock monkeys. Each bag just had the monkey, a barrel of monkeys game and little reusable container with Tootsie Rolls. The one little girl who came got a special little headband I made for her since she had to deal with all those boys.

Here are the birthday boys (with bad hair days) and a picture of our whole family.  It was a fun day.
And no, my husband is not touching me where it looks like he's touching me...his hand was just resting on his knee. Sadly it looked like this in every picture we had taken. Oh well.

Thank you for taking a look.  Now onto big brother's party which is only a month away.

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